5:00 – 6:00 PM
Food and Drink
5:00 – 6:00 PM
Jonathan Brill
Keynote “AI On Your Org Chart”
6:00 – 7:30 PM
All Panelist
Talks on Generative AI infrastructure, healthcare, Large Language Models, "blitzscaling" for AI Startups, novel use cases, and more!
Aparna Sinha
Generative AI & Coding
Yasmin Dunsky
Wild Moose: an autonomous agent for rapid production-issue resolution
Bill Wright
The Enterprise Neurosystem: The Global AI Neurology For Climate Change
Ana Robakidze
Navigating The Future Of API Management With Generative Intelligence
Mark LaRosa
Top Considerations For Infrastructure For LLMS And Generative AI
Marcus Ellison
The Future of Client Engagement
Derick En’Wezoh
Generative AI & Healthcare
Shyvee Shi
Design Delightful And Responsible Generative AI Products - A Teaser
Jonathan Brill
AI On Your Org Chart
Richard Hurby
The Future Of Generative AI In Professional Services
7:30 – 9:00 PM

All about the speakers of the event

Aparna Sinha
Aparna Sinha is a seasoned entrepreneur and venture capitalist at Pear VC, specializing in AI/ML, Cloud Infrastructure, and Developer Products. With a background as a former Google executive and a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford, she has a track record of building billion-dollar businesses and contributing to the tech industry's growth. Aparna's career includes leadership roles at Google, where she played a key role in Kubernetes' success, as well as McKinsey & Company, Intel Corporation, and other notable organizations. Her expertise and leadership have left a lasting impact on the technology landscape.
Shyvee Shi
Shyvee Shi is a respected Product professional with over a decade of experience across various industries. She currently works as a Product Manager at LinkedIn and is known for her mentorship, coaching, and speaking engagements at leading universities and companies. Shyvee is also a prolific content creator on LinkedIn, offering valuable insights into product management and career development.
Jonathan Brill
Jonathan Brill is a globally recognized futurist and AI keynote speaker, currently serving as the Executive Chairman of the Center for Radical Change. With a visionary approach, he specializes in helping organizations spot, create, and leverage radical change. As the author of "Rogue Waves: Future-Proof Your Business to Survive and Profit from Radical Change," he is known for his extensive experience in innovation consultancy, generating over $27 billion USD in revenue for clients like Samsung and Microsoft. Jonathan's insights make him a sought-after speaker and contributor in the realm of future trends and innovation.
Bill Wright
Bill Wright, an accomplished technology leader, currently serves as the Chief Architect and AI/ML strategic lead at Red Hat. He initiated Red Hat's AI Networks initiative, emphasizing AI and machine learning in mobile networks and Edge infrastructure. Bill is also the founder and chair of the Enterprise Neurosystem AI/ML open source community, focusing on large-scale AI infrastructure for global challenges. His impactful career includes a pivotal role at VMware, where he catalyzed the NFV technology revolution, generating billions in revenue. Bill is a sought-after speaker, recognized with multiple executive awards and actively contributes to emerging 6G technologies as an O-RAN nGRG member.
Ana Robakidze
Ana Robakidze is Co-founder & CEO of Theneo, Theneo is an AI tool that generates High-quality Stripe-like API docs. Web Summit Pitch Winner Forbes top 30 under 30. Previously she worked as Head of Engineering, Software Engineer, Data Engineer at Clientela Inc, Celtra Inc, Boxii Technologies Metis Associates.
Yasmin Dunsky
Yasmin Dunsky is the co-founder and CEO of Wild Moose, helping on-call developers solve production incidents with AI. Yasmin holds an MBA from Stanford, and has a successful track record in founding and leading ventures, including an ecosystem that trains thousands of female software developers across Israel. She served as an analyst for the Israeli Special Forces Intelligence and holds a BSc in Computer Science from The Hebrew University.
Derick En'Wezoh
Dr. Derick En'Wezoh is an entrepreneurial physician and investor at Susa Ventures where he invests in healthcare and technologies outside of healthcare focused on AI/ML/NLP/LLMs and workflow automation. Derick is an experienced healthcare leader. Before joining Susa Ventures, Derick led Growth at, a leader in AI-driven disease detection and care coordination, where he built several departments and helped take from idea to the $1b+ company it is today. Before, Derick was a surgical resident at Stanford Hospital. He completed his MD at Harvard, his MBA at Stanford, and is an alumnus of Stanford Biodesign. Derick is deeply committed to supporting entrepreneurs and investing in innovations that positively impact the lives of others.
Marcus Ellison
Marcus is founder of He is Head of Partnerships at Cerebral Valley. Marcus is a technology entrepreneur with over a decade of experience building and growing startups from 0 - 1. Before Breadcrumb he led operations at TrueChoice Solutions, the global leader in preference analytics, where he led and scaled a global team servicing hundreds of fortune 1000 clients such as Mcdonald's, Amazon, Rheem, Cisco, Rio Tinto. Marcus has previously founded two investor backed startups, including a SaaS payments and agreement platform for freelancers and a coding school. He also founded a venture studio that spun up remote product teams for top global VCs and startups. While still in college he built an internet radio station with 1 million monthly active users and raised money for a potential $40 million commercial real estate project.
Mark LaRosa
Mark LaRosa is operating partner at Amplify Partners. Mark specializes in helping technical founding teams develop a technical strategy and determine proper sequencing, prioritization, and big-picture thinking for the product roadmap and features. Mark has more than 15 years of experience in infrastructure, database/analytics, and global-scale distributed systems. Previously, Mark was Principal Solutions Architect at AWS’ Strategic Accounts division. Earlier in his career, Mark has held various technical sales and solutions architect leadership roles at Interana, MemSQL, and Coraid.
Richárd Hruby
Richárd Hruby is Co-Founder & CTO of CYQIQ. He is a dynamic force at the intersection of generative AI and business innovation. He is a proud SkyDeck Batch 16 alumnus. His roots in technology run deep. Previously, he interned Trust and Safety at Google and also managing machine learning projects at Merantix Labs. Beyond the boardroom, Richárd is a dedicated educator, having tutored and instructed over 60 students in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Accounting, proving that the art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.
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Madhuri Adettiwar
" Thoroughly enjoyed this intellectually stimulating panel discussion with brilliant minds, amidst the enchanting environment of an indoor rainforest and inviting lounge spaces. An exclusive Gen AI gathering in a rainforest-themed oasis in San Francisco with ProductHQ, a vibrant community that houses over 40,000 product managers globally, and the go-to platform for top industry knowledge. "
Chris Hohman
" Fantastic event! I really enjoyed meeting the panel speakers. "
Aku (Aakriti) Srikanth
" Great speaking on the GenAI VC Keynote Panel with Priya Saiprasad (Partner SoftBank Investment Advisers Mayfield Fund M12 - Microsoft's Venture Fund), Barak Turovsky (Exec in Residence at Scale Venture Partners former Product Exec Google), Richard Chen (Founder at Iterative Ventures ex - Meta Facebook). 400+ GenAI product enthusiasts in the audience! Thanks! "
Richard Chen
" The discussion was awesome. Thanks for pulling this together! "

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