Opening Remarks
Andrea Volpini, Michel Biezunski
Innovations in Knowledge Graph Technologies
Sireesha Pulipati, Chris Brockmann
High-Volume Data Transformation & Streaming Graphs
Michael Iannelli, Dennis Diefenbach
Enhancing LLMs with Knowledge Graphs
Michel Biezunski, Martin Kaltenböck
The Evolution and Future of Knowledge Graphs
All Panelists
Q&A Session
Andrea Volpini, Michael Iannelli, Chris Brockmann, Martin Kaltenböck
Knowledge Graph in Practice: Challenges & Opportunities

All about the speakers of the event

Sireesha Pulipati
Technical Lead at Google's Knowledge Graph. A renowned expert in Database, Data Engineering, and Business Intelligence, Sireesha utilizes her expertise to drive data-driven strategies at Google. Proficient in cloud technologies like Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS, she combines her skills with agile frameworks. She recently presented on "Data Storytelling with Looker Studio."
Andrea Volpini
CEO and Co-founder of WordLift. A digital savant with over 20 years of unrivaled experience in online strategies, digital media, and SEO. Andrea co-founded Redlink in 2013, a venture emphasizing semantic content enrichment, AI, and search. He recently elucidated on “Enhancing LLM Generative Capabilities through Knowledge Graph Integration”, spotlighting the enhancement of LLMs using symbolic knowledge.
Michel Biezunski
Founder of Infoloom, Inc. A connoisseur in XML, Information Architecture, XSLT, and Knowledge Management. Michel delves deep into graph-based technologies, recently speaking on “The Missing Link in Knowledge Graphs”, addressing the challenges of graph-based databases compared to traditional counterparts.
Michael Iannelli
Senior Data Scientist at Yext. A fervent data scientist with a passion for machine learning, Michael specializes in knowledge-graph augmented large language models. He recently presented on “Methods for Natural Language Search over a Knowledge Graph”, elaborating on unique challenges and solutions for natural language search in knowledge graphs.
Chris Brockmann
Founder of Eccenca. A visionary transforming how eco-systems innovate with data, Chris's Eccenca stands as a beacon for data coherence and consistency across intra- and inter-company levels. With disruptive benefits in analytics, governance, compliance, and B2B digital collaboration, Eccenca offers a novel approach to data management.
Dennis Diefenbach
CEO & CTO of The QA Company. A renowned PhD researcher and entrepreneur, Dennis has pioneered the realm of Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs. With over 20 acclaimed publications to his name, he stands as a leading voice in the Semantic Web domain. Dennis is the driving force behind QAnswer, the inaugural AI-driven platform to query Knowledge Graphs using natural language.
Martin Kaltenböck
Co-Founder & CFO, Semantic Web Company. Martin is a leader in data and metadata management, emphasizing the value of Enterprise Knowledge Graphs. By integrating external and internal data, and employing advanced social software methods, he believes organizations can achieve unparalleled competitive advantage.
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Evolution of Knowledge Graph

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