Event Schedule & Details

6pm - 8pm PT
Core Theme
The event will spotlight the massive $68.7 billion investment in AI startups in 2023, comparable to the GDP of countries like Bulgaria, signifying the vast potential and growing interest in AI technologies.
The focus for 2024 shifts to exploring investment trends and opportunities beyond Large Language Models (LLMs), emphasizing the strategic allocation of resources towards startups that integrate AI in diverse real-world applications.
The discussions will revolve around expanding AI's reach beyond LLMs, exploring its potential to bridge the gap between current capabilities and the evolving needs across various sectors, aiming to boost creativity, productivity, and practical impact.
Keynote Session
A presentation by Jonathan Brill, heralded as Forbes’ #1 futurist and “the world’s leading transformation architect” by HBR. He will share his vision on the future trajectory of AI, especially focusing on innovative applications that transcend traditional LLM frameworks.
Lightning Talks
A series of concise, impactful talks by industry leaders and visionaries. These sessions will highlight a variety of AI applications that extend beyond LLMs, discussing investment strategies for 2024 and the upcoming challenges and trends in this broader AI landscape.
Networking Session
An engaging opportunity for attendees to network, fostering connections between speakers, industry leaders, and innovators. This session aims to encourage collaboration and idea exchange in the evolving field of AI.
Closing Remarks
Summarizing the key insights from the event with an emphasis on the expanding horizons of AI beyond LLMs.
A forward-looking discussion on the roadmap for AI startups in 2024, with a call to action for participants to actively engage with the burgeoning opportunities and collaborations in the AI sector.


The AI Mosaic 2024: Beyond LLMs – Unveiling Diverse AI Opportunities

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